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Amethyst became the official February birthstone in 1912. This purple gemstone is a symbol of wealth, happiness, and deep devotion. Historically, farmers believed that wearing this stone as a necklace would protect their crops from weather and insects. Overview Amethyst is the most valuable form of quartz. This stone varies in color from a deep purple… read more

Since 1860, Tag Heuer has been one of the foremost names in Swiss Avant-garde watches. The brand is synonymous with quality, luxury, and style. For 2017, they have launched a new, bolder campaign, which asserts, “Don’t crack under pressure.” Along with this campaign come new brand ambassadors who embody this vision. These individuals come from… read more

2017 is just around the corner, and with a fresh year comes a fresh color: Greenery! Pantone, the global authority on all things color, started selecting a Color of the Year in 2000. What exactly does it mean to be Color of the Year? According to Pantone, the term is metaphorical, a “color snapshot” that… read more

Around the world, the traditional January birthstone is the sparkling garnet, an eye-catching gem that’s been used in jewelry as far back as the Bronze Age. While these versatile crystals come in many different colors depending on their mineral base, it’s the bright red ones that are used as birthstones for those born during the… read more

Unbeknownst to many, “garnet,” the January birthstone, does not refer to one type of stone, but a family of six different species of stone. Read on to learn more about these six types of garnet and their unique characteristics, and be sure to visit a local jeweler for more information.   Almandine and Pyrope The… read more

Engagement rings? Bended knee? Romantic dinner? There is a lot of planning that goes into the perfect proposal, which is different for every couple. These four tips will help anyone plan their best proposal and get that ‘yes!’ 1. Know Your Mate The most important thing to take into consideration when planning a proposal is… read more

Holiday shopping for the man who has everything is an annual challenge for many high-end consumers. This year, technology has come to the rescue. Smart watches, a trend in wearable technology, have reached new heights in design acuity, technical capabilities, and functionality. While many tech-savvy brands are offering smart wearable solutions, none marry cutting-edge connectivity… read more

Creating a realistic and detailed wish list makes it easier for everyone to receive and give the right gifts. For those celebrating an important milestone, from a wedding to a graduation, creating a public wish list for special items like fashion jewelry and home accessories will make the gifting process easier for everyone involved. Avoid… read more

Diamonds are a timeless testament to love, a symbol of eternity in a fleeting world. Available at any high-end jewelry store, they are among the most valuable tangible items in the world. That extraordinary worth has made them fuel for conflicts around the globe. In resource-rich places, especially Africa, rough diamonds have been used to… read more

Lewis Jewelers has been serving the people of Ann Arbor and Detroit since 1921. At family-owned Lewis Jewelers, service extends beyond designer jewelry at quality prices and into the community. Lewis Jewelers community involvement sets it apart as much as its amazing selection.   Kite Network   In Ann Arbor, Lewis Jewelers has partnered with… read more