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Month: March 2017

Many brides envision a tropical wedding on a gorgeous, sandy beach or saying their vows at an Italian villa. But what is planning a destination wedding really like? Here are the pros and cons to consider for destination weddings. Pro: Simplified Planning Most resorts that host weddings have predetermined packages that allow couples to easily… read more

The wedding day is an event filled with love and happiness for not only the couple, but also for those that come to witness this special day. However, the wedding planning process that leads up to the nuptials can be described as exciting, stressful, and maybe even a little intimidating for a newly engaged couple.… read more

Gold has always been an object of human desire and fascination. For hundreds of years, it served as a means of currency and the standard for our nation’s paper money. Gold is used in some of the world’s most sought-after jewelry and currently sits at well over one-thousand dollars per ounce. Recently, this rare earth metal… read more

Planning a surprise for a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day might provoke curiosity about the origins of this romantic holiday. While historians don’t know everything about how February 14 came to be associated with celebrating loved ones, here are a few clues they do know. Most experts believe that the holiday began to celebrate Saint Valentine… read more

Amethyst became the official February birthstone in 1912. This purple gemstone is a symbol of wealth, happiness, and deep devotion. Historically, farmers believed that wearing this stone as a necklace would protect their crops from weather and insects. Overview Amethyst is the most valuable form of quartz. This stone varies in color from a deep purple… read more