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Custom Jewelry

Planning a surprise for a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day might provoke curiosity about the origins of this romantic holiday. While historians don’t know everything about how February 14 came to be associated with celebrating loved ones, here are a few clues they do know. Most experts believe that the holiday began to celebrate Saint Valentine… read more

2017 is just around the corner, and with a fresh year comes a fresh color: Greenery! Pantone, the global authority on all things color, started selecting a Color of the Year in 2000. What exactly does it mean to be Color of the Year? According to Pantone, the term is metaphorical, a “color snapshot” that… read more

Holiday shopping for the man who has everything is an annual challenge for many high-end consumers. This year, technology has come to the rescue. Smart watches, a trend in wearable technology, have reached new heights in design acuity, technical capabilities, and functionality. While many tech-savvy brands are offering smart wearable solutions, none marry cutting-edge connectivity… read more

Creating a realistic and detailed wish list makes it easier for everyone to receive and give the right gifts. For those celebrating an important milestone, from a wedding to a graduation, creating a public wish list for special items like fashion jewelry and home accessories will make the gifting process easier for everyone involved. Avoid… read more

The Imperial tradition of exchanging custom-designed jeweled Easter eggs lasted for just thirty-two years, but the stunning and intricate treasures aroused interest and admiration in the entire century that followed. Custom jewelers allow customers to create their own legendary heirlooms and celebrate the love that inspired it for generations. The Tsar’s Eggs Tsar Alexander III… read more