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5 Tacori Engagement Ring Collections for the Casual-Glam Bride-to-Be

Tacori is loved around the world for their laidback California-inspired jewelry design, as well as the signature arcs found on the side profiles of their ring bands. Read on to learn more about 5 of their most popular collections!

6 Tacori Engagement Ring Collections for the Casual-Glam Bride-to-Be

Elegance, timeless, artistic. The ideal engagement ring should be all of these things. Tacori provides all of these elements and more in each piece of jewelry they design, and the Tacori engagement ring collections in particular continue to delight and amaze brides-to-be around the world.

The Story of Tacori

The esteemed jewelry brand is the epitome of the American Dream. Haig Tacorian and his family moved from Europe to America in the late 1960s and settled in California. Drawing inspiration from both their time in Europe and America, they soon developed a fusion of these styles that would become world renowned.

Still a family affair to this day, Haig, his son Paul, and his daughter Nadine carry on the legacy of the company where artisans craft each piece by hand in their design studio in southern California. Together they strive every day to bring their tradition into the lives of yours.

The Classic Crescent Collection

Tacori Classic Crescent Collection

The Classic Crescent collection is the heart of Tacori, the original designs. The crescent is the brand’s signature, and each of the rings in this collection are graced with at least two side by side crescents to represent the top portions of a heart as their hidden symbol of love. The diamonds along the band are placed perfectly to reflect in the arcs of each crescent.

For the woman who adores classic beauty and demure details, any of these stunning engagement rings will bring pure joy.

The Petite Crescent Collection

Tacori Petite Crescent Collection

For more delicate detail in a Tacori engagement ring, look to the Petite Crescent collection. With smaller, polished elements of several hallmarks of the Classic Crescent collection, these rings are all about showing off the diamonds.

Utilizing pave set diamonds allows the artisans to use larger stones and bring more shine to each band, and petite versions of the iconic crescents grace the inner face of the band. For a woman who loves the brilliance of diamonds and revels in beautiful intricacies, this is the perfect collection.

The Simply Tacori Collection

Simply Tacori Collection

Simplicity is beautiful in the modern Simply Tacori engagement ring collection. Inspired by Nadine Tacorian's own engagement, sleek, contemporary elements are combined to fuse the modern bride's story with the Tacori touch.

The bands are more simple and crisp to provide a clean display for the diamond. The setting of the center stone showcases charming details that show off their signature penchant for beauty where you least expect it. This is a collection for women who enjoy the marriage of clean design and thoughtful details.

The RoyalT Collection

Tacori RoyalT Collection

For some, bigger is better and that's the beauty of the RoyalT collection. This line is specifically designed to hold stones that are 2 carats or larger, but each piece maintains the classic style elements Tacori is known for.

In fact, the designers took all of the favorite features of the other collections and combined them into bands full of impeccable details. With diamonds to spare around the band and around the stone setting, this collection is sure to enchant any woman who loves glitter and stunning shine.

The Coastal Crescent Collection

Tacori Coastal Crescent Collection

Another client-conscious collection, Coastal Crescent was born out of the many inquiries for the Tacori take on the classic solitaire style engagement ring. This line differs from the other essential Tacori classics by scaling down the scallop style crescent work on the band to be smaller and only visible to the wearer. Subtle pinpoint diamond detail for a splendid secret indulgence makes this the perfect collection for women who prefer an easy, straightforward look in an engagement ring.

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