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A Luxury Watch For Any and Every Occasion

Just as you would not wear your sneakers to a wedding, you would not wear your sports watch to a black-tie event. For each occasion, there is an appropriate timepiece from Lewis Jewelers.

Since the development of the first timepiece, watchmakers worldwide have been developing pieces to suit a myriad of purposes, environments, and occasions. Our experts at Lewis Jewelers have put together a guide to the watches that will best serve your stylistic and functional needs for whatever occasion comes up in your life.

A Minimalistic Watch For The Office

In professional settings, attire will typically feature clean lines and muted colors, nothing too flashy but still stylish. Your workplace timepiece should follow the same guidelines. For office wear, a minimalistic style watch is most fitting.

A piece like this stainless steel watch from Omega with a black leather band and conservatively styled dial will perfectly complement your dress shirts and pants. Its design is subdued yet elegant. It will not cause distractions, but will undoubtedly give your ensemble polish and refinement.

A Durable Watch For Outdoor Activities

The watch you wear on your outdoor excursions like bike rides, hikes, or even walking your dog will need to be one that can withstand the elements. Stainless steel cases paired with moisture-wicking bands will ensure your outdoor watch can go wherever your adventure takes you.

Not only does this TAG Heuer Connected watch feature durable elements perfect for outdoor wear, but its sporty design will meld easily into your wardrobe of activewear. Its blue rubber strap and scratch-resistant crystal will allow this piece to roll with the punches.

A Waterproof Watch For Aquatic Adventures

Whether you are spending an afternoon on the boat, taking diving lessons, or lounging by the pool, you can rest assured that a waterproof watch will be unaffected by water. Innovations in watchmaking have allowed for timepieces that can withstand astounding depths.

This Seamaster watch, for example, is perfect for swimmers, divers, and other athletes because of its water resistance up to 2,000 feet, a rotating bezel to help track your diving or swim time, and stainless steel band and case that will resist erosion from exposure to moisture.

A Casual Watch For Everyday Wear

Family barbecues, grocery shopping trips, and park afternoons warrant a timepiece that is laid back in style and materials. Choose a watch that fits easily into your everyday wardrobe and serves essential functions.

A piece such as this hunter-green Quartz watch with a matching nylon band is unassuming and functional yet possesses a certain understated elegance. The neutral tones will pair well with almost any casual ensemble and keep you both on time and fashionable.

Shop Watches For Any Occasion At Lewis Jewelers

We at Lewis Jewelers pride ourselves on operating the destination for anyone seeking quality timepieces and luxury jewelry in Virginia. We staff our Virginia Beach jewelry store with helpful and experienced personnel who are ever prepared to guide you through our selection.

Whether you are attending a black-tie event or simply looking for a watch to wear day-to-day, you’ll find a fitting timepiece among our carefully curated inventory. Contact us for more information on our products and services.


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