The Gold-Flecked Pizza: A Truly Dazzling Dish

March 14th, 2017

Gold_BarsGold has always been an object of human desire and fascination. For hundreds of years, it served as a means of currency and the standard for our nation?s paper money. Gold is used in some of the world?s most sought-after jewelry and currently sits at well over one-thousand dollars per ounce. Recently, this rare earth metal has begun to serve another purpose. Enter the gold-flecked pizza, a regular pizza in most respects save one: it?s topped with gold. This rare and expensive dish is currently only served in New York, with a price tag typical of most car down-payments.

The Gold-Flecked Pizza at a Glance

So how much gold, exactly, goes on a typical gold-flecked pizza, and what kinds of other toppings accompany such a bold choice? New York City restaurant Industry Kitchen?s gold-flecked pizza is flecked with a thin layer of 24k gold leaf, plus other expensive toppings, including imported truffles and foie gras from France, caviar from the Caspian Sea, and Stilton cheese from England. The pizza itself is said to be inspired by New York?s financial district and, true to form, runs at two-thousand dollars per pie. With such a steep price tag, one might wonder how popular the gold-flecked pizza really is. Restaurant owner Braulio Brunay has used the pizza to generate media attention and customer interest and has thus far been met with nothing but success. Apparently, gold?s alluring attributes seem to easily extend into the culinary realm. This dish is truly as good as gold.

A Golden Opportunity

For those with a spare two-thousand dollars and extra time to spend, the gold-flecked pizza might make the perfect dinner item. While preparation itself does not take long, Industry Kitchen requests that its gold-flecked pizza buyers notify the restaurant at least 48 hours before dining. Even when used as a pizza topping, gold is not easy to come by.