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Wedding Band Designers

Characteristics of Designer Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are important symbols of love and commitment in any marriage. They are, at their most basic, an unadorned strip of precious metal. These are slipped on before an engagement ring, making them closer to the heart than their counterparts. While these bands are relatively simple, many jewelry designers have found creative ways to elevate them. Jewelry designers can add a modern touch through straight and clear-cut edges, or add echoes from the past through vintage-inspired designs. Designs often imbue wedding bands with diamonds. Arranged in a variety of patterns, brilliant diamonds can make designer wedding bands elegant, spectacular, and unique, just like the intense romances they symbolize.

Popular Wedding Band Designers

The California-based Tacori is one of the most famed jewelry designers, bringing new and eclectic touches. This designer is a multi-generational family-owned and operated business that utilizes conflict-free diamonds. Despite their storied history, their pieces are still unique and bold. Another famed designer is Gabriel & Co. A newer brand, their rings are expressive and bold, eschewing modesty in favor of bold statements. Hearts On Fire are famous for their diamond cuts, which are legendarily brilliant, owing to a proprietary cut that allows diamonds to reflect more light than any other.

Michael M is one of the most in-demand designers in the world. They use only the highest quality diamonds available and make the best of them through a signature U-set technique. This is an advanced technique that makes diamonds viewable from every perspective, ensuring that they are as bright as they can be. Triton is one of the few jewelry designers that focus exclusively on men's wedding bands. They utilize complex combinations of metals and mixed materials, allowing for rich, natural colors that accentuate without sticking out. Their bands are expressive, durable, and beautiful.

Why Shop Designer Wedding Bands at Lewis Jewelers?

At Lewis Jewelers, we have a tradition of customer service and a selection that is hard to beat. We offer a diverse selection of fine and high-quality designer jewelry, as well as luxury timepieces. From our storefront in Ann Arbor, we continue to be the premier source of luxury goods in the Detroit region. We are a proud sponsor of Michigan athletics, the Kite Network, and the University of Michigan Children's Hospital. In addition to our designer brands, we are pleased to have a wonderful assortment of services, including appraisals and custom design. Call our Ann Arbor showroom today at (734) 994-5111.

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