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Claude Thibaudeau
Claude Thibaudeau
Claude Thibaudeau

Claude Thibaudeau



About Claude Thibaudeau

Renowned for their exemplary craftsmanship and unique designs, Claude Thibaudeau is a source of pride for Lewis Jewelers. This prestigious designer, rooted in a family tradition of jewelers dating back to the 19th century, specializes in creating luxury jewelry that combines definitive refinement with modern flair. Claude Thibaudeau's innovations are distinguished by their intricate detailing, creative use of precious metals, and incorporation of high-quality gemstones. Their jewelry range, predominantly featuring engagement rings and wedding bands, is known for its fluid lines, bold use of color, and the signature "floating" diamond setting, which gives an illusion of diamonds suspended in air. This collaboration aligns flawlessly with Lewis Jewelers' commitment to offering exclusive, high-end jewelry collections.

Popular Claude Thibaudeau Collections

Stepping into the realm of bridal aesthetics, the Claude Thibaudeau collection at Lewis Jewelers offers a stunning spectrum of engagement rings and wedding bands. Characterized by their innovative designs, these pieces stand out with their unique blend of contemporary and classic styles. The engagement rings often feature the signature "floating" diamond setting, creating an enchanting illusion of diamonds hovering gracefully. Wedding bands are equally distinctive, showcasing fine patterns, a mix of precious metals, and often, subtle diamond accents. This fusion of creativity and craftsmanship sets them apart in the bridal jewelry world, making them a coveted choice for those seeking extraordinary, eternal symbols of love.

Claude Thibaudeau's fashion jewelry line, available at Lewis Jewelers, reflects a fusion of sophistication and creative flair. Bracelets in this collection often feature bold, sculptural elements, combining fluid forms with striking geometric patterns. Meanwhile, fashion rings from this designer are not mere flourishes but statement pieces, showcasing unique settings and a combination of different textures and finishes. Necklaces, on the other hand, are masterpieces of balance and elegance, with pendants that often incorporate a mix of precious stones in innovative, eye-catching designs. These distinct design details set each piece apart, making them not just accessories, but wearable art.

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Discover an enchanting selection of bridal and fashion jewelry from acclaimed designers like Claude Thibaudeau at Lewis Jewelers' Ann Arbor jewelry store. Here, you'll find a curated collection that embodies elegance, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you're searching for the ideal engagement ring, a unique wedding band, or a statement piece from the fashion jewelry range, Lewis Jewelers offers an array of options to add inspiration to your individual style. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and beauty, and encounter the distinctive quality and composition of these pieces. For a truly personalized experience, request an appointment with one of their knowledgeable team members for a tailored consultation.