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Unique Anniversary Gifts

When your anniversary rolls around, there's a traditional gift idea waiting in the wings. But looking at that list can make many contemporary couples roll their eyes-the first anniversary is paper? The fourth is flowers? On the traditional list, jewelry doesn't even show up until the 14th anniversary. We have a respect for tradition here at Lewis Jewelers, but if you're looking for justification to abandon that list-here's your permission! We're of the opinion that when you want to give your special someone an anniversary gift, you're allowed to surprise them with a piece of amazing fashion jewelry or a new watch!

Anniversary Gift Ideas

One of the most ubiquitous ideas for an anniversary gift is a new fashion ring. Anniversary rings come in a thousand different variations, but what they all have in common is a tendency toward pure delight. Opposed to a wedding band, an anniversary band can be as whimsical, boisterous, or avant-garde as a woman wants, since she can wear it at her leisure. But what does that look like in practice? Look to Michael M: Most of their fashion rings are made with curving lines, striking angles, and innovative uses of shapes. There's no skimping on quality materials-Michael M uses 18k gold and exceptional diamonds in their pieces.

You can, on the other hand, opt for a colorful treat from Tacori as an alternative to chocolates or flowers. Their Crescent Crown collection utilizes multi-colored gold, as well as amethysts and blue topaz, to create a fresh, floral look that will last a lot longer than a bouquet of roses! You should also look at the experimental beauty of Claude Thibaudeau, the stately pearl excellence of Mikimoto, and the Balinese inspiration of John Hardy for more ideas!

If you'd like to get your partner a timepiece as an anniversary gift, you should turn to Omega. Designer of Swiss timepieces for men and women, there are options in gold, diamond, and mother of pearl that will add a flourish of exquisite quality to any wardrobe. We suggest checking out the Constellation collection for some high luxe-but if you want exceptional engineering at a lower price point, you may appreciate the masculine cool of the Formula 1 collection.

Why Shop at Lewis Jewelers?

The Lewis experience has been a thing of delight since 1921. For generations, customers in the Detroit region have turned to Lewis Jewelers when they're searching for the most remarkable collections of jewelry and horology. We're also pleased to be an authorized Omega retailer, and we're so confident in what we offer that we invite you to visit our showroom today to get a new idea from our team about anniversary gifts! Contact us at 734-994-5111 or visit us today at our Ann Arbor, Michigan store!

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