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Engagement Ring Care Guide

Engagement Ring Care from the Experts at Lewis Jewelers

Your engagement ring is a valuable and highly sentimental piece of jewelry you likely adore greatly. This is an item that many wear all the time, so it is important to know how to take care of these luxurious rings properly, ensuring they last as long as possible. Our team at Lewis Jewelers put together a guide to help you maintain the brilliance of your engagement ring.

How To Clean an Engagement Ring at Home

Especially if you wear your engagement ring all the time, daily dirt and grime can affect its beauty over time. Cosmetics like lotion, hairspray, or makeup can dull the shine of precious metals or stones. Washing at home is a great way to give your engagement ring its sparkle back. Soak your ring in a solution of warm water and gentle soap; dishwashing soap is a common choice. After about half an hour, rinse the ring thoroughly to ensure the drain is completely blocked to avoid any accidents. Dry with a soft, lint-free towel.

What Not To Use When Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Although diamonds and platinum are both known for their extreme strength, there are still practices that can harm them and cause them to lose some of their beauty. Abrasive chemicals like bleach or chlorine should never be used with fine jewelry as they can break down precious metals like gold. Hard-bristled brushes will also mar softer metals and scratch facets of gemstones and diamonds. The same goes for abrasive cleaners like baking soda and even toothpaste. Always research any jewelry cleaner/polisher carefully to prevent discoloration or loss of strength within the piece. Harsh chemicals can damage your jewelry.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?

The at-home cleanings of your engagement ring every week to two weeks will keep down the daily dirt that may get stuck in the settings and details of your ring. You should take your ring to a professional jeweler every year to two years to have it cleaned and polished. Preventative measures will help tighten prongs that may be loose so you do not lose a gem and clean those hard-to-reach spots that at-home cleaning misses. They can also redip white gold and perform other essential procedures to keep your jewelry as beautiful as it can be.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Services at Lewis Jewelers

Trust your engagement ring to the professionals at Lewis Jewelers. We will efficiently clean your jewelry so that every item sparkles with gorgeous brilliance, especially those you hold close to your heart. Visit our Ann Arbor jewelry store for an incredible experience with a staff who cares about the maintenance and beauty of your ring.