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How To Measure Your Ring Size

Discovering Your Partner's Ring Size: Smart Techniques to Uncover the Secret

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect engagement ring often leads to the common dilemma of discreetly trying to figure out your partner's ring size. Below are some sneaky tips to help you out, without giving your intention away:

-If your partner wears a particular ring often, you can cleverly borrow it for a moment, place it atop a millimeter ruler, and capture an overhead photo with your phone. This helps us determine the inner diameter of the ring. Certain factors should be taken into account, though:

-Consider on which finger your partner wears the ring. Fashion rings are often worn on the middle or index finger, which are typically larger than the ring finger.

-Pay attention to the fit. Opt for a snug fit to prevent the ring from spinning around on your partner's finger.

-Account for the ring's width. A wider ring will result in a tighter fit.

Measuring a Ring Size with Our Printable Chart

Our printable ring sizing chart is another easy way to quickly determine a ring size. Just print the chart out at 100% size and place a ring the wearer already owns over the circles, matching the inside of the ring to the circle that’s nearest in size. Choose a larger size if the ring is in between two sizes.

Our guide also includes precise diameter measurements and their corresponding ring sizes. Determining the right ring size is now simple to do!

When Borrowing Isn't an Option: Alternative Approaches

When you can't discreetly borrow a ring from your significant other, here are a few alternative strategies to consider:

1. Consult a Friend or Relative: Reach out to someone in your partner's inner circle. Their best friend or mother might hold the key to the elusive ring size.

2.  Recruit a Ring Buddy: Enlist a friend to take your partner ring window shopping. If one of your partner's pals is also on the hunt for engagement bling, they could suggest a joint shopping trip, providing the perfect chance to size up your partner.

3.  Size Up Familiar Rings: Observe how a friend or sibling's ring fits on your partner. If someone in your social circle recently got engaged and is eager to flaunt their rock, you could casually ask if they'd mind your partner trying it on.

4.  Use Your Own Finger as a Gauge: If you suspect your partner's ring finger is roughly the same as your pinky finger's first knuckle, you can use your pinky to estimate their size. It's only a ballpark figure, but it's a start.