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About Gurhan

Gurhan Orhan grew up in Turkey, flitting from one profession in his youth to another. His life-and the world of jewelry-was changed forever when Gurhan was given a piece of 24k gold. The inimitable metal sparked a passion for jewelry that led to one of the world's most unusual atelier brands. Gurhan jewelry is typified by a surprising use of 24k gold, bezel-set gemstones, and a handcrafted patina that makes each piece seem like a treasure plucked from an ancient hoard. Here at Lewis Jewelers, we're pleased to be able to offer Gurhan fashion jewelry to our customers, and we're sure that you'll find something special among the Anatolian-inspired elegance of Gurhan.

Popular Gurhan Collections at Lewis Jewelers

Here at Lewis Jewelers, we carry Gurhan fashion ringsnecklacesearrings, and bracelets, meaning that you can mix and match any look while still maintaining the iconic appearance of the designer's gold jewelry. When it comes to fashion rings, you can admire the hammered and one-of-a-kind handcrafted look of the brand in a number of different ways: Whether you appreciate marquise-cut opal "leaves" on a branch of 24k yellow gold or a rough-hewn lapis lazuli in a gold bezel, the choices are multifoliate. No less impressive are the earrings we offer, set with surprising gemstone choices, such as frosted chalcedony, raspberry-colored rhodolite, and deep ocean kyanite.

If you're in the market for a new necklace, Gurhan necklaces are really a treat. Mysterious baguette-cut rubies and tourmaline, set horizontally and in gold bezels, can be found among the designer's offerings. Alternatively, if you want something more boho and fun without sacrificing luxury, the designer offers a necklace of interconnected, elegantly asymmetrical diamonds and opals. Gurhan also designs sterling silver pieces, and the peculiar interplay of rough 24k yellow gold and silver creates a look like wearing a necklace made of sunlight and moonlight. The designer's sterling silver bracelets range from cuffs to dainty gem-studded chains, all of them ready to add color and vibrancy to a woman's wrist.

Why Shop for Gurhan at Lewis Jewelers?

Since 1921, Lewis Jewelers has been bringing the most unique selection of fashion jewelry to the men and women of the larger Detroit region. And if Gurhan were only unique, that would be one thing. But the designer's collections are as breathtaking as the other atelier brands we offer in our showroom. Don't overlook our selections of bridal jewelry, including wedding bands and engagement rings, or our Swiss-quality timepieces. If you're interested in the vintage-inspired chic of Gurhan or the services we offer, give us a call at 734-994-5111 or visit our Ann Arbor, Michigan showroom today!Gurhan Jewelry at Lewis Jewelers