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A Bridal Couple?s Guide to Unique Engagement Rings

August 18th, 2020

Engagement ring styles have come a long way from their old-world roots. While the classic round or princess-cut rings are still favorites among most couples, some couples are taking the non-traditional approach. Unique engagement rings feature distinctive shapes, designs, patterns, and colors that stand out among the traditional crowd.

If you or your loved one is the type to take the road less traveled, our guide to unique engagement rings covers charming and alternative pieces that can help you celebrate your love and journey ahead. From shimmering halos to colorful gemstones, these striking engagement rings appeal to all sensibilities.

Dazzling Halos: A New Twist

Halo engagement rings are the quintessential choice for couples who value the sparkle factor. While many couples choose a halo ring for the way the diamonds frame the center stone making it appear larger than it is, cutting-edge designers have transformed the classic halo into striking new silhouettes. Choose one, two, or even three halos for the maximum level of fire and brilliance.

For a vintage and elaborate piece, explore Jeff Cooper?s Lumiere Collection of unique engagement rings. Each striking piece features intricate detailing reminiscent of vintage designs. A woven diamond pattern adds a dynamic flair to the shank. In some designs, the diamond halo lifts up from the band encircling the center stone like a rose, a beautiful sight to behold.

Peter Storm?s line of sophisticated engagement rings offers a twist on the traditional halo design. Instead of using a single halo, designs in the Diverse Collection often feature double halos and styles with notches. Blooming halos with floral motifs combine vintage and contemporary inspirations to create a delicate and glamorous ring you or your loved one would be proud to wear.

Striking Metals and Angles

Most couples stick with the classic solitaire round cut with a simple shank. If your taste is a bit more avant-garde, rings with geometric designs resemble works of modern art. Add in a mixed-metal design and you?ve got yourself a real head-turning piece.

HL Mfg?s Contemporary Collection is the ultimate in non-traditional designs. Each piece is inspired by architectural marvels and avant-garde designs. Swirls, overlapping shanks, and mixed-metal designs make this collection one of the most inventive we?ve seen.

Edgy and futuristic styles can be found in the Claude Thibaudeau Pure Perfection Collection. This collection goes where others are afraid to go with its signature curved bands. Mixed metal bars combine artistically sculpted and polished metals. Tension settings provide the illusion of a floating center stone. Get excited - the future is here!

Just when you thought you?d seen it all, you stare in awe at Claude Thibaudeau?s Avant-Garde Collection. One-of-a-kind designs feature mixed metal designs and even signature hues exclusive to the brand. A never before seen green gold offers a subtle and glamorous detail to your unique ring.

Vibrant and Shimmering

Brilliant, colorless diamonds are the norm for the center stone but some couples prefer to live life in vivid color—in this case, a colored gemstone is a perfect choice. Throw tradition to the wind, and choose from an array of gemstone options, many of which are sustainably sourced giving you peace of mind.

Uneek?s Natureal Collection features naturally-treated center stones in delicate and brilliant options. Shop elegant yellow diamonds set in 18K yellow gold with trapezoid side stones. The collection also features pieces with pink diamonds surrounded by double halos.

Royal blue elicits a sophisticated and elegant vibe. Uneek?s Royal Blue Collection features a one-of-a-kind ring to celebrate your commitment. Deep and rich in color, pieces in this collection are made even more radiant with white halos or side stones.

Claude Thibaudeau?s Colored Stone Collection doesn?t settle for just one color. A combination of striking and uniquely shaped gemstones are paired with mixed-metal designs. This collection leans toward avant-garde designs that look good from every angle.

It?s All In the Details

Add a colorful touch to your modern engagement ring with gemstone accents. Gemstone details come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles.

Claude Thibaudeau?s La Royale Collection is fit for royalty. Regal designs are paired with subtle gemstone accents throughout. A diamond center stone is complemented by a band of colored gemstones.

Dress to impress with Peter Storm?s Geometry Collection. Unique diamond shapes and colors add a twist to the side stone ring design. Geometric designs and colored gemstones are elegant and striking. Each piece looks as if pulled out from a fairy tale story.

Shop Unique Engagement Rings at Lewis Jewelers

Lewis Jewelers in Ann Arbor, Michigan has a large selection of stunning engagement rings. Shop traditional and non-traditional designs in a variety of styles. If you can?t find a ring to represent your unique style, we can create one for you from scratch! For more information, give us a call at 734-994-5111 or email us at lewisA2@lewisjewelers.com.