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Five Reasons to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

November 30th, 2016

Rose gold is extremely popular right now for everything from jewelry to smartphones, and even fitness trackers! Rose gold engagement rings come in a wide variety of beautiful styles. Here are the top five reasons couples choose rose gold for their big day.

1. Rose gold compliments every skin tone

It?s hard to find a color that is universally flattering, but rose gold fits the bill! The color works for everyone and will look good on the wearer year-round, from the hot days of summer tans to the pale days of winter.

2. Rose gold is affordable

Who doesn?t like a good deal? Because rose gold is made with a copper alloy, it often costs less than yellow or white gold. Most rose gold engagement rings are made with 14 or 18 karats, so options are available for a variety of price points.

3. Rose gold has a romantic, vintage look

Popular at the turn of the century, rose gold is back and better than ever! The pink tone is naturally romantic, and the antique-looking quality is perfect for nostalgic couples.

4. Rose gold is more durable than yellow and white gold

Unlike yellow and white gold, rose gold contains copper, a very strong metal. Gold is a very soft metal, so the more copper, the more durable the ring.

5. Rose gold can be used for any ring

Custom rose gold engagement rings are the perfect option for couples who want to express their uniqueness and creativity. The color is versatile and goes with an assortment of stones, so the possibilities are endless!