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Laugh Your Way Through Wedding Planning with This Book

March 24th, 2017


The wedding day is an event filled with love and happiness for not only the couple, but also for those that come to witness this special day. However, the wedding planning process that leads up to the nuptials can be described as exciting, stressful, and maybe even a little intimidating for a newly engaged couple. From designing invitations to selecting the right dress, decorations, venue, and bridesmaid dresses, there are numerous tasks to complete and potential challenges to overcome before the big day.

Luckily, the right book is now available for the bride-to-be who needs to laugh her way through wedding planning.


Those who need to relax and remember to laugh and enjoy the journey of wedding planning may look no further than I AM BRIDE: How to Take the We Out of Wedding, the latest book by writer Laura Willcox. The comedian best known from Comedy Central?s Inside Amy Schumer, Laura Willcox can understand the stress and nervousness involved in planning for the big day because she?s been through the same roller coaster of emotions while planning her own.

In I AM BRIDE, Willcox uses humor when writing about the unrealistic expectations, wedding stereotypes, and issues a future bride may experience while preparing for her nuptials. The humorous take on these situations will help to remove the pressure off the shoulders of any bride-to-be, and also remind her that the end result of the planning process is a beautiful beginning of marriage?even when things don?t go according to plan.

Wedding planning may seem intimidating at first?but it doesn?t have to be. This book will remind future brides that any issue in preparations will become small and funny anecdotes in the future, even if they initially seem catastrophic. Willcox advises future couples not to agonize over small details and minor road bumps since, in the end, ?it doesn?t matter if you?re marrying someone you love.?