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Rose Gold Wedding Bands: Stand Out From the Crowd

April 18th, 2018

When it comes to the image of opulence in jewelry, most people go immediately to the standard sheen of twenty-four karat gold - it's sleek, stunning, and instantly recognizable as a universal symbol of prestige. A growing trend in recent months, however, is a resurgence in the popularity of rose gold as an alternative look in pieces both timeless and contemporary alike. If you've finally popped the question or are just about to, Lewis Jewelers will be able to provide you with a nearly endless selection of rose gold wedding bands that are guaranteed to dazzle as brightly as your new partner in life.

What's the difference between rose gold and typical gold? Aside from the fact that they lend a very different appearance to whatever adornment they happen to be a part of, there are several physical distinctions to be made between the two that may be less than obvious: regular gold, as you're probably already aware, is a very soft metal. Rose gold is an alloy comprised of both pure gold and copper, the element responsible for giving the precious metal its alluring luster; the more copper the gold contains, the more intense the pink color, some varieties of deeply tinted gold coming close to being crimson red in hue. This technique hails from Russia, first utilized by jewelers in the nineteenth century; an antiquated name for the practice of adding copper to gold is making "Russian gold." While gold is prized as the ultimate rarity in the classical sense, this characteristic of softness does make it difficult to maintain in the long-term and tends to make it especially prone to wear and tear; copper, in a similar vein, is vulnerable to oxidation and tarnishing. Together, however, they strengthen one another - the inclusion of a secondary metal not only changes the outward coloration of the substance, but also makes the final product much more durable and long-lasting, as well.

Victorian-era aesthetic conventions treasured rose gold, celebrating what was then a new and exotic choice where only gold and silver were readily available before. In more recent years, rose gold has experienced periodic intervals of popularity, most notably in the 1920s. The ever-popular TACORI Sculpted Crescent band hearkens back to the classic style of those times, evoking a timeless look that is difficult to find elsewhere. As a platinum-level TACORI dealer, Lewis Jewelers is able to offer the widest selection of all TACORI designs, including many pieces that are usually only offered in non-rose gold variants, platinum, and silver exclusively.

Highly sought after for its unique presence, especially when used in tandem with gemstones such as diamonds, red garnets, opals, and pearls, the inclusion of rose gold into your wardrobe is a decision that rarely disappoints; unlike some other types of precious metal, rose gold is known to complement nearly any shade of skin it is set against. For those interested in including more rose gold in their own collection, Lewis Jewelers offers a diverse selection of pieces suitable for any wedding - from Michael M's elegant Europa series of rings there is no doubt that you will find the perfect centerpiece for the occasion with us. Refined, sophisticated, and romantic, offering the wearer a keenly particular look that invigorates the senses, consider the option of rose gold when shopping on the market for you and your partner's forever rings.