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Russian Emperors Knew the Power of Custom Jewelry And You Should Too

November 19th, 2016

The Imperial tradition of exchanging custom-designed jeweled Easter eggs lasted for just thirty-two years, but the stunning and intricate treasures aroused interest and admiration in the entire century that followed. Custom jewelers allow customers to create their own legendary heirlooms and celebrate the love that inspired it for generations.

The Tsar?s Eggs

Tsar Alexander III wasn?t the first Russian aristocrat to give a jeweled Easter egg to his wife, but he certainly did it with the most style. In 1885, he commissioned famed custom jeweler Peter Carl Faberg? to make what was later known as the ?Hen Egg.? Following the detailed suggestions of the Tsar, Faberg? created the egg from gold, which was enameled white on the outside. The egg could be opened to reveal a gold ?yolk,? which in turn contained a golden hen that concealed a tiny model of the imperial crown. Within the crown was a small ruby pendant.

In all, members of the Tsar?s family exchanged fifty-two elaborate custom eggs until 1916, forty-three of which survived the 1917 Russian Revolution and subsequent history. The eggs launched Faberg??s jewelry company to fame and created worldwide public demand for imitations of the famous originals. They remain a stunning and powerful testament to the Tsar?s love for his family members.

Custom Jewelry Today

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