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Discover TUDOR?S Diverse Collection of Luxury Watches

December 17th, 2020

The craftsmanship of each TUDOR watch, hailing from the brand?s esteemed legacy, holds technical balance and strength in each design. A demanded perfection, each watch component is relentlessly tested to ensure a flawless product. Each piece within the collection is set apart by style, high performance, and timeless resilience.

Lady Gaga is a TUDOR Ambassador. As her music sets her apart and pushes the boundaries of self-expression so does her style. The fashion world was set on fire when each piece of her wardrobe sent a powerful message. Her Black Bay 36 luxury design is a slim automatic timepiece. It is both stylish and sporty and dares to make a statement.

David Beckham also wears a TUDOR, the Black Bay Chrono which is crafted with column-wheel manufacture caliber and is COSC-certified. A master of resilience, this timepiece design is rooted in motorsports and diving. Another watch from the Black Bay series, the Black Bay Bronze is a 43-mm diver?s watch that is inspired by the brand?s established history. It is also a favorite of David Beckham?s, he is known for endurance, and he expects the same from his watches.

Explore the 1926 line of TUDOR watches for women, named after their founding year. The elegant watches, crafted from the finest Swiss watchmaking techniques, have a vintage flair and a wealth of details from the embossed dial, sword-shaped hands, and satin-brushed links. Sophisticated and refined, this line is perfect for the modern woman.

Discover the diverse collection of TUDOR watches at Lewis Jewelers, the only TUDOR dealer in mid-Michigan. Guaranteed for unparalleled hand-craftsmanship and microprecision, each timepiece is built for perfection and the high-quality mechanisms will last and withstand the years. Each watch is a powerful work of art.

Visit Lewis Jewelers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and view TUDOR?s collection of luxury watches for both men and women. From the Black Bay 36 to Black Bay Chrono, the timeless pieces speak for themselves.