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a woman’s hands holding a purse over a rail and wearing TACORI fashion jewelry

Housing an exquisite array of TACORI jewelry, Lewis Jewelers is thrilled to showcase a brand celebrated for its rich legacy and distinctive design ethos, dating back to 1969. Renowned for merging traditional elegance with modern sophistication, TACORI stands as a family-founded brand dedicated to intricate craftsmanship. Each creation is a demonstration of elaborate, detailed designs that channel the soul of classic beauty alongside contemporary enhancements. Drawing inspiration from California's stunning landscapes, TACORI's signature pieces feature the unique crescent silhouette, symbolizing a blend of classic refinement and innovative design. Proudly, Lewis Jewelers offers these sensational designs, appealing to those who desire jewelry that reflects the depth of their personal narratives and aspirations.

close up image of an emerald cut engagement ring by TACORI
Popular TACORI Bridal Jewelry Collections

Housing TACORI's distinguished engagement rings and wedding bands, Lewis Jewelers proudly offers selections from their most captivating collections. The RoyalT series stands out with its grand diamonds, designed for those who treasure a majestic essence. Meanwhile, the Petite Crescent collection bewitches with its meticulous attention to detail, providing a subtle elegance that enhances the wearer's grace. Simply TACORI appeals to aficionados of sleek, minimalist designs, boasting clean lines that embody pure sophistication. The Sculpted Crescent range differentiates itself with uniquely textured bands, creating an engaging play of light and shadow. Each collection, with its distinctive design elements, invites couples to find a piece that truly echoes their individual love stories.

a woman looking away from the camera wearing TACORI jewelry
Popular Fashion Jewelry Collections by TACORI

Our cherished and discerning clientele also have the opportunity to browse TACORI's exquisite fashion jewelry collections that effortlessly blend craftsmanship with style. The Allure collection mesmerizes with its captivating designs, featuring pieces that play with light through exceptional gemstone settings, ideal for adding a touch of glamor. Bloom brings to life floral inspirations with delicate petal-like details, perfect for those who appreciate nature's beauty in their accessories. Stilla is celebrated for its minimalist aesthetic, offering sleek, understated pieces that highlight the purity of form and material. Crescent Eclipse stands out with its bold use of silhouettes and shadows, creating dramatic, eye-catching pieces that embody modern elegance. Every collection showcases TACORI's commitment to unparalleled design, inviting wearers to express their unique style.

three diamond wedding bands by TACORI stacked on a white surface
Buy TACORI at Lewis Jewelers

Discover the incredible world of jewelry by esteemed brands like TACORI at Lewis Jewelers, your premier destination located in Michigan. Our Ann Arbor jewelry store boasts an impressive selection of designer engagement rings that cater to every taste and style. Beyond our exquisite collection, we offer bespoke custom design services, allowing you to bring your dream jewelry to life. Our expertise extends to comprehensive jewelry repair services, ensuring your cherished pieces are always in pristine condition. For a truly personalized shopping experience, we invite you to request an appointment with one of our knowledgeable team members. Let us guide you in finding or creating the perfect piece that speaks to your heart.