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Common Jewelry Problems That Require Repair

Jewelry Problems that Require Repair

Luxury jewelry is beautifully crafted with passion and expertise. Exclusively made of everlasting, high-quality materials, jewelry is made to last for decades. In spite of all of this, even the finest pieces of jewelry may need certain repairs performed over the years. Our team at Lewis Jewelers has put together a guide to some of the most common jewelry repairs your accessories may need and what you can expect from a professional, experienced jeweler.

Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is one of the most common jewelry services a jeweler will encounter. If your weight fluctuates over the years, or you receive a ring from a loved one or an heirloom piece, you may find that you need to have a ring sized up or down. The ease with which a jeweler can achieve this depends on the intricacy of the piece, the degree of resizing you require, and the metal the ring was forged in.

Re-tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are tiny spokes of metal that hold gemstones in place on a piece of jewelry. This type of setting is highly sought after and frequently used by designers because it allows for more of the stone’s surface to be visible and thus able to reflect more light than, say, a bezel or pave set stone. Because of their size and delicate composition, however, they are prone to breakage. To prevent your stone from being lost, take your piece immediately to a jewelry store to replace the prong. They may also simply re-tip the piece if the top of the prong has been compromised.

Replace a Stone

If your stone is lost or you want to replace it with a different one, your local jeweler should be able to perform this service with relative ease. Keep in mind that a stone of a different size or cut will undoubtedly change the overall look of your piece. Depending on the extremity of the difference in stones, this process could take your jeweler longer to perform. Speak with your jeweler beforehand so they can explain what you can expect from this replacement.

Replacing Chains or Clasps

Delicate chains and clasps can be particularly susceptible to breakage or damage. Thankfully, they are easy for knowledgeable and experienced jewelers to fix. Chain links can always be soldered back together or added to provide extra length to a piece. Clasps are a bit more complicated but can certainly be repaired. If a jeweler finds it beyond repair, it can be replaced with a working clasp that the jeweler likely has on hand.

Changing Earring Posts

The term “earring post” refers to the bar of metal that threads through the wearer's ear and keeps the earring secure. There are several reasons why one may want these posts replaced. For instance, perhaps the type of metal used in your earring posts irritates your skin, and you’re looking to replace it with a hypoallergenic metal. Also, you may need to have them replaced if they are bent or broken from years of wear.

Have Your Jewelry Repaired at Lewis Jewelers

We at Lewis Jewelers understand the immense sentimental value luxury jewelry can hold for a person, which is why we’ve staffed our Ann Arbor jewelry store with highly experienced professionals. They are more than capable of attending to your prized possessions with care and knowledge. Contact us today to learn more about our jewelry repair services, or stop by our showroom to speak with a staff member in person.

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