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Christopher Designs

Christopher Designs Jewelry at Lewis Jewelers

About Christopher Designs

Poland-born Christopher Slowinski is an innovator in the jewelry industry. He apprenticed under master craftsmen in both his native country and the United States and combined what he learned with his engineering experience. His knowledge of light refraction led him to create a patented diamond cutting technique called the Crisscut. While generic diamonds only contain 48 facets, the Crisscut arranged 77 "crisscrossed" facets to redefine brilliance and sparkle. Initially used for emerald shapes, the Crisscut later expanded to the Cushion and the Brilliant. The 109 facets of the Crisscut Brilliant create 12 straight sides and the illusion of a scalloped round perimeter.

Popular Christopher Designs Collections at Lewis Jewelers

This novel diamond cutting style makes Christopher Designs popular for engagement rings. Styles range from classic solitaire silhouettes to vintage-inspired open halos that seem to defy gravity. Elongated emerald-cut diamonds visually slim and lengthen the fingers. Asscher and cushion shapes combine the strong lines of squares with the soft, feminine edges of circles. The Crisscut Round outshines its rivals. While these Crisscut Originals are stunning, the new L'Amour Crisscut is one of the most distinct cuts on the market. This technique also expands the shape catalog to ovals and pears. Each diamond cut is also available in anniversary and wedding bands.

Christopher Designs also offers magnificent fine fashion jewelry. L'Amour Crisscut Pears are used as petals and arranged to create diamond flowers on pendants. The structured oval shape of the L'Amour Crisscut Classic lends an art deco touch to drop earrings. The Color Collection boasts vibrant shades on cocktail rings and bracelets. Hues range from rich green tourmaline to deep sapphire to fiery yellow beryl. Memory Cuffs are as functional as they are beautiful. A spring inside the precious metal allows the cuff to be opened without risk of breaking and to sit comfortably once it returns to its original shape.

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