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Necklace Style Guide

Lewis Jewelers Necklace Style Guide

A well-styled necklace is the perfect finishing touch to add to any look. A variety of necklace styles ensure there is a fitting piece for every aesthetic. Whether it's minimalist, maximalist, vintage, modern, or anything in between, you will find something you will love. Our experts at Lewis Jewelers have put together a guide to necklace styles.

Solitaire Necklaces

The term "solitaire" in the realm of jewelry refers to a singular diamond, gemstone, or motif set into a piece of jewelry. The beauty of a solitaire setting is that it ensures that the focal point remains the center of attention, not eclipsed by any additional stones or details. A solitaire necklace then features a singular pendant on an unadorned chain. These pieces are both versatile and sophisticated.

Station Necklaces

Station necklaces are similarly minimalist but feature a number of stones, or motifs, spaced at even intervals along a chain. They typically feature modest chains that allow the 'stationed' gems to retain the spotlight. These delicate pieces are great for daily wear as well as layering with other necklaces like solitaires. Bezel station necklaces are characterized by round mounts that encircle the piece's gems to secure them to the chain.

Chain Necklaces

A chain is the most basic component of a necklace that typically goes unnoticed when paired with a dazzling pendant. But stand-alone chain necklaces focus more on the intricacies of garnering the spotlight. Bold chain necklaces are edgy and stylish and add understated style and subdued shine to any ensemble. Layer chain necklaces of different metals and weights to create a more dynamic look.

Lariat Necklaces

For a unique and feminine look, lariat necklaces are a great option. These pieces are characterized by long, thin chains typically held together by an untraditional enclosure. Rather than a clasp, lariat necklaces are often threaded through a loop, adjusting easily to any neck size. The excess chain hangs straight down the chest, producing a dramatic and elegant effect. At the end of this chain, many designers station a pearl, gemstone, or metal motif.

Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are bold pieces, meant to command attention and exhibit the wearer's audacious style. These pieces typically lie flat to the body rather than hanging freely, and rest on or near the collarbone, as the collar of a shirt would. A collar necklace can be paired with an off-the-shoulder top, allowing the piece to stand alone, or below the collar of a button-up shirt to add sparkle and refinement to an outfit.