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Tips to Buying a Luxury Watch

Guide to Buying a Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are masterpieces of artistry and craftsmanship and the decision to purchase one often carries a bit of weight. Your first is often considered a rite of passage and many times leads to a lifetime of collecting these functional works of art. Whether you are an aficionado adding to a collection, purchasing your first timepiece, or shopping for a gift for a loved one, knowing where to start is important. Read on to discover our expert tips for buying a luxury watch to make your shopping experience a pleasant, productive, and rewarding experience.

Define What You Are Looking for in a Watch

While many of today's designers are at the top of their game for quality, craftsmanship, and precision, they offer very different designs with a variety of features and complications. Women primarily choose timepieces for fashion, while watches are often the most socially accepted accessory for men but also offer functional complications that make life easier. Before you begin your search, determine what you are looking for in a watch to narrow down your selections. Lewis Jewelers helps make this step easier with our watch finder tool on our website.

Consider Your Lifestyle and the Occasion

What you plan to do while wearing your watch determines what watch you should purchase. Consider the dress protocols that may impact your decision. For example, a piece for the office should have more sophisticated details, such as a leather or metal band, while a watch to be worn in the great outdoors will likely have water resistance and be made from rugged materials such as a rubber or canvas band. Complications will be determined by need, such as a dual time zone feature for international travelers or a chronograph for sporting enthusiasts.

Decide on a Watch Movement

Watch movement is a basic decision that has a big impact. If you are looking for a low-maintenance watch at an affordable price, opt for one with a quartz movement. This type is powered by a battery and is known for being extremely accurate, as long as the battery is changed regularly. Mechanical movements are more popular in luxury watches and are often preferred by watch aficionados. They come in two types—manual (requiring regular winding by hand) and automatic (self-winding)

Buy a Luxury Watch from an Authorized Retailer

Where you purchase your watch is as important as what watch you buy. To ensure that you are buying authenticity, as well as the perks that go along with it, be sure to shop with an authorized retailer. When you purchase from an approved retailer your relationship is just beginning. These sellers can honor the terms of warranties should something go wrong and act as the liaison between you and the designer by arranging service, replacement parts, and repairs.

Discover A Premier Selection of Luxury Watches at Lewis Jewelers

Lewis Jewelers proudly features a wide selection of luxury watches as well as a talented team of associates to answer your every question. We are thrilled to welcome you to our Ann Arbor jewelry showroom to help you determine which designer, complication, and style are perfect for you to make your shopping experience pleasurable and productive. For more information on timepieces and to schedule an appointment to try on your favorites, contact us at (734) 994-5111 or through our website.