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Wedding Ring Finishes Guide

A wedding ring's finish affects the way the ring appears and gives it a distinct style. Metalsmiths have been working on techniques for hundreds of years, creating different textures that give a ring a certain aura and tone. Learn about all the different kinds of finishes a wedding ring can achieve with this guide from Lewis Jewelers.

Polished Finish

Sleek and timeless, the polished finish's glossy appearance is a favorite for those who like the traditional style of a wedding ring. An elegant choice, the reflective surface draws the eye to the ring as it effortlessly catches the light and radiates brilliantly. A small drawback of this style is that it is prone to show scratches more easily than other finishes; however, choosing to wear a sturdy ring made from a highly scratch-resistant metal such as tungsten can resolve this issue.

Satin Finish

Similar to the polished finish, a satin finish has a smooth surface, however, it is not as reflective. The satin finish's gentle shine is well-loved by those that want a subtle gleam. Its soft luster is one of the reasons why it is the second most popular wedding ring finish on the market.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is quite opaque. The surface is reminiscent of velvet, with a muted glow that is discreet. The matte finish is ideal for those who prefer to have a more understated ring because of its subtle beauty and ability to blend with any outfit seamlessly.

Brushed Finish

The brushed finish is another non-reflective option with the surface of the ring being more textured than the matte finish. Its rugged exterior is scraped by a wire brush, leaving thin brush lines on the surface. This type of finish is particularly popular for men's wedding rings because it will not show scratches on the surface as easily.

Hammered Finish

The hammered finish gives a ring a more artisanal tone. The uneven surface is achieved by striking the metal with a hammer, creating small valleys and dips. It is then given a satin finish to achieve a subtle reflection. A hammered finish is a distinct option for a wedding ring because of its unconventional appearance.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasted wedding rings have a distinguished coarse texture that is very noticeable. The grainy appearance of the ring is completely opaque, with a scratch-resistant and durable exterior that will ensure the ring's longevity through tough conditions.

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