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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles at Lewis Jewelers

Not all engagement rings are made alike -- this is definitely apparent when we're talking about the center stones and colored gems used to make these celebrations of devotion. But when we're discussing engagement ring styles, it can be a little more difficult for women who've never purchased bridal jewelry to understand the styles that designers use to categorize many of their collections. Still, once the terms are explained, and their merits are laid out, it's not a difficult thing to comprehend why designers come back to these styles over and over again.

Keep reading to learn more about four of the most popular engagement ring styles brides-to-be love most!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

"Solitaire" is the word that designers use to describe a ring that only features a single jewel on its outer surface. For instance, if you've ever seen a simple gold band on which a diamond is held in place by prongs, chances are good you've just seen a solitaire engagement ring.

This is an exceptional style for showing off an elegant fancy shape center stone (or a big one), as well as delicate patterns worked into the metal of the shanks. If you like additional stones, though, don't worry! Some designers add additional tiny diamonds to solitaire rings, placing them as delightful surprises underneath the center diamond.

Halo Engagement Rings

Masterminded by the forward-thinking goldsmiths of the Art Deco period, a halo ring takes geometric perfection to another level. Typified by a hoop of precious metal set with diamonds that surround the center stone, some contemporary designers choose to utilize a different tone of metal to create a contrast between "inner" and "outer."

Additionally, the collar that surrounds the center stone can be host to a kind of unique artistic vision, utilizing white diamonds or colored gems to add an eye-catching liveliness to the overall ring. The inspiration from the Art Deco period-namely, the architectural inspiration-also lends its aesthetic to halos that resemble skylines or city grids.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

"Side stone," in terms of engagement ring styles, refers to a ring that has similar-sized gemstones set into the shanks of the piece. The effect is that the engagement ring glows with an internal light, no matter its angle. Of course, the general breadth of the side stone silhouette allows inventive designers to choose settings beyond merely prong- or pave-set side stones. The more imaginative of the ateliers we showcase at Lewis Jewelers are capable of setting colored gemstones in more exotic tension settings, transforming these pieces into works of art.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

TThe three stone engagement ring style, also called the trilogy ring, is distinguished by a center diamond framed on both sides by two smaller stones. Traditionally, the two framing stones have been the same shape as the center stone, but in more recent years designers have started to use more exotic shapes to complement or contrast with the center. Trapezoid and trilliant (triangular) diamonds are popular contrasts against a big, round center diamond. Many women choose the three stone ring for the visual impact and figurative power of the style: What better way is there to represent the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship than with three flawless diamonds?

If you'd like to learn more about the four primary engagement ring styles and the artistry that contemporary designers have invested in them, contact Lewis Jewelers by calling 734-994-5111 or stop by our showroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan today!