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Fashion Rings

Fashion Rings at Lewis Jewelers

Characteristics of Fashion Rings

Everything can be fashion, but not everything is. The tension inherent in that paradox creates the rarity and elegance of the best fashion. Fashion jewelry is not exempt from that truism. Fashion rings represent the idea of taking rings that don't have any particular symbolism attached-no wedding bandsengagement rings, or anything-and exist as purely gorgeous representations of their creators' imagination. The most beautiful selections of fashion rings can be found here at Lewis Jewelers, and whether you want something to add glam to your daily look, or you're looking for a gift for your special someone, fashion rings are the right choice.

Popular Fashion Ring Collections at Lewis Jewelers

Simon G. is perhaps one of the most luxurious designers whose pieces we carry at Lewis Jewelers. And among their collections, we have a particular affection for the Passion and Nocturnal Sophistication lines. Passion is typified by exuberance, glorious diamond-studded halos surrounding a bold, color-saturated gemstone. Tourmaline, sapphire, opal, and more are all well-represented in the Passion collection. Nocturnal Sophistication is made for a night on the town. The ultramodern invisible-set diamonds in these rings are framed on either side by colored, feminine stones, like yellow diamonds in 18k yellow gold, or pink sapphires in 18k rose gold.

If you're in the mood for a really whimsical and one-of-a-kind fashion ring, turn to Claude Thibaudeau. Their One of a Kind collection is aptly named, featuring rings that celebrate the abstract shape of baroque pearls and opals, or gem-set rings shaped like the pediment of a column. The black pearls set in platinum are lovely, and if you adore pearls, Mikimoto offers the Core collection, whose rings feature pure, perfect pearls set in 18k yellow and white gold rings. This collection alternates between the minimalistic color pairing of yellow gold and white pearls and spirals of diamond-studded gold surrounding a pearl like a cage. In either case, Mikimoto is a designer to admire.

Why Shop for Fashion Rings at Lewis Jewelers?

Lewis Jewelers has been the place to go for fashion jewelry since 1921. And for the near-century that we've been established as the premier jeweler in the larger Detroit region, we've made fashion rings a cornerstone of our collections. Also, we're particularly proud of our necklacesearringsbracelets, so if you're shopping for fashion pieces, don't overlook them. And if you're looking to tie the knot or pop the question, we have a selection of engagement rings and wedding bands that are second to none. If you're interested in a glitzy new fashion ring or the services we offer, call us at 734-994-5111 or visit our Ann Arbor, Michigan showroom today!