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Essential Summer Earring Style Guide

June 15th, 2024

A woman standing in front of a tree wearing a pair of large floral earrings.

As summer unfolds, Lewis Jewelers happily embraces the warmth and vibrant joy of the season with expressive earring styles that are nothing short of delightful. Each piece in our carefully curated collection reflects the sunny days and spirited occasions that define the summer months. Whether you're basking under the golden sun or enjoying an exciting evening soiree, our earrings add a touch of modern flair and an air of sophistication to your look. Dive into our remarkable inventory of designer earrings at Lewis Jewelers and discover how we can brighten your style with the right pair of earrings this summer.

a pair of white gold sculptural hoop earrings with diamond accents.

Sculptural Statements

This year, a standout trend in jewelry is the rise of sculptural pieces that seem to carry a personal, hand-crafted touch alongside a modern appeal. We are excited to showcase items like these Chatterley earrings by Uneek, which exemplify this trend with their organic lines, shapes, and textures. These earrings are miniature works of art, crafted to convey depth and emotion through their unique design. Their elaborate, ornate details mirror natural forms, making them a perfect complement to any ensemble that calls for a touch of individuality and artistic flair.

a pair of mixed metal drop earrings with floral accents.

Feminine Florals

Anticipating the trends for the sunny season ahead, florals are expected to make a significant statement, mirroring the lively, joyful essence of summer and its beautiful blooms. Embrace this trend with pieces like these Marco Bicego Marrakech Onde earrings. These earrings showcase the delicate and intricate beauty of nature through their finely crafted design, which evokes the whimsy and freshness of a blooming garden. The delicate floral motifs combined with a luxurious finish make these earrings an ideal choice for enhancing any summer outfit with a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

a yellow gold pair of earrings with pearls.

Preeminent Pearls

Long cherished in the realm of bridal jewelry, pearls are taking center stage this summer in new and unexpected ways. These Mikimoto earrings showcase how traditional pearls can be revitalized with contemporary flair. These earrings feature a striking triangular metal setting, which enhances the luminous pearls underneath, making them pop against the sharp, modern angles. This blend of classic beauty with modern design elements caters to brides seeking a touch of timeless elegance paired with a bold, architectural look. Expect pearls, especially in innovative settings like these, to be a significant trend in this year's summer weddings.

a pair of square stud mixed metal earrings by Gurhan.

Mixed Metal Masterpieces

The allure of contrasting elements brings mixed metal jewelry to the forefront of this summer's fashion trends. Offering a fresh and exciting take on traditional accessories, pieces like these Gurhan earrings stand out with their modern, bold aesthetics. Featuring chunky, square forms, and a delicate dappled texture, these earrings juxtapose different metals to create a dynamic visual impact that captivates and charms. This unique blend not only highlights the individual beauty of each metal, but also offers versatility in styling, making any summer ensemble vibrant and distinctively stylish for all the fun the season has to offer.

a woman looking into the camera wearing a unique pair of silver and pearl earrings

Find Gorgeous Earrings for Summer at Lewis jewelers

Discover stunning, trendy earring styles at Lewis Jewelers, your premier destination for fashion jewelry in Michigan. Our Ann Arbor jewelry store offers an exquisite selection of earrings and fine jewelry that captures the essence of contemporary fashion and timeless elegance. Whether you're looking for something bold and modern or subtle and classic, our carefully curated array of designs is sure to dazzle and inspire even the most discerning tastes. At Lewis Jewelers, we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece to complement your style. For a truly personalized shopping experience, request an appointment today for a one-on-one consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.