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Halo Engagement Rings: Here?s What You Need to Know

May 11th, 2018

Halo Engagement Rings: Here?s What You Need to Know

Most women will agree: When it comes to engagement rings that pack a punch, the appearance of the stone adorning it delivers most of the wow factor. The standard solitaire has its appeal, but for those looking to make a splash in a slightly more modern way, the possibility of a halo engagement ring might be an option that interests you.

Halo rings, like most engagement rings, feature a diamond centerpiece. Accompanying the star of the show, however, are a small series of supporting diamonds or other stones. These additional gems surround the main attraction, reinforcing its setting and enhancing the sparkle of the ring as a whole.

One of the benefits of choosing a halo ring is the fact that the nature of the design naturally makes any diamond chosen appear much larger than its true carat size - modest stones take on a new, generous proportion, while diamonds that are already massive to begin with become larger than life. This is useful for those who wish to leave an impression without necessarily breaking the bank.

Lewis Jewelers has a litany of halo engagement rings to choose from, devised by many of your favorite brands and spanning a wide variety of looks and practicalities.

Ritani is a natural first choice in the matter - the halo rings they offer are the ubiquitous picture of elegance most will want to associate with their engagement and eventual wedding, all of them rings that will feel more than at home with the wedding ring soon to follow. The Ritani Halo is pure enchantment and available in many varieties, allowing you to choose not only between different cuts for the center diamond, but also whether or not the band itself is adorned - a crucial decision, especially when taking into account the possible need to resize the ring later in the future.

A more opulent direction to go in is the Masterwork, also from Ritani, a marvelously embellished extension of the other, more subdued works in their engagement collection.

Halo engagement rings from Lewis Jewelers

Not to be outdone, Peter Storm produces their own line of halo rings equally as stunning; The Peter Storm Dance is one notable triumph, featuring a dramatically-hewn center stone set sturdily into an intricately wrought vintage band of 14k white gold. Their Classic Rock halo ring, a three stone provision that we are able to customize with the diamonds of your choosing, is another bestseller, as is the hypnotizing Storm Halo in platinum.

Other notable labels contributing to the anthology of halo rings we supply are the glamorous creations of Stuller, one of the most diverse assemblages of halo rings from a single designer in our catalog. Michael M's expansive selection of halo rings is also worthy of note, as is Jeff Cooper's.

And, of course, as a platinum-level TACORI dealer, we can't help but recommend their wares with gusto in any category, and this goes doubly so when it comes to halo rings - there is plenty to choose from, each more charming than the last; one of our all-time bestselling collections is that of their Blooming Beauties series, a diverse assortment of halo-banded wonders that run the gamut in terms of size, shape, and overall appearance. The Dantelas we offer, also from TACORI, are just as tantalizing, whether you're seeking something subdued a bit more dramatic.

For more information on the wide variety of dazzling halo rings we offer at our Ann Arbor showroom, please call (734) 994-5111 or visit us in person.