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Lewis Jewelers to Add John Hardy Fine Jewelry to Inventory Starting Next Month

July 10th, 2019

Lewis Jewelers to Add John Hardy Fine Jewelry to Inventory Starting Next Month

Starting next month, Lewis Jewelers will carry esteemed jewelry designer John Hardy at their showroom in Ann Arbor.

John Hardy, a brand founded in 1975 by a Canadian and inspired by Balinese jewelry-making techniques, has dedicated itself to creating fine jewelry steeped in the island?s unique history and traditions. All of their designs utilize techniques passed down from generation to generation in the local community, and some collections even feature popular creatures in Balinese mythology.

In addition to specializing in one-of-a-kind skills like chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and the use of native jawan motifs, each of the artisans in John Hardy?s design studio create every piece by hand with a distinctive eight-step process.

The brand also works with specially screened suppliers to ensure that all of their jewelry adheres to their strict guidelines on sustainable production practices. Take for example, their diamonds, which are sourced according to the United Nations? specifications as well as the Kimberley Process. Other materials, like gemstones, gold, and silver, are acquired according to the brand?s own code of conduct.

As a result of this dedication to sustainability, the designer is able to create stunning designs with a minimal impact on the environment. Look to the Bamboo collection for a line that?s not only sustainable in the methods used to create it, but also lessens the studio?s carbon footprint over time.

Browse the pieces in the Bamboo collection, as well as other stunning styles in lines like Classic Chain, Modern Chain, and Legends Naga, by visiting Lewis Jewelers at their showroom in Michigan.

To learn more about John Hardy or the collections that will be available at their showroom, contact the retailer by calling (877) 885-3947 or emailing lewisa2@lewisjewelers.com.

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