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Traveling This Summer? Do These Two Things to Keep Jewelry Safe, Says Lewis Jewelers

April 12th, 2019

Traveling This Summer? Do These Two Things to Keep Jewelry Safe, Says Lewis Jewelers

As the days grow warmer, many people travel to take advantage of the great weather at home or abroad. However, one issue that comes up often for travelers is ?Can I bring my jewelry with me??

General consensus states that it?s best to leave the most valuable pieces at home under lock and key. But what about that one statement necklace that?s just begging to be worn with a sundress in the Maldives? The experts at Lewis Jewelers recommend getting these pieces appraised and insured long before a trip.

In the same way that homeowners purchase insurance for their houses, fine jewelry, luxury watches, and other valuable accessories need the same treatment in case of theft, damage, or loss. With an up-to-date jewelry appraisal and insurance policy in hand, owners can rest assured that their treasures are covered -- no matter the issue.

Fine jewelry should be appraised every two to three years, or immediately after making a significant change to a jewelry item. As the only American Gem Society (AGS) Accredited Gem Laboratory in Washtenaw County, Lewis Jewelers offers trustworthy and comprehensive appraisal services for every situation.

Additionally, two of the gemologists on the retailer?s staff hold a certification from AGS, which is no small feat in itself. Paul Hering, the assistant manager at Lewis Jewelers, doubles as the store?s resident AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser -- a rarity in the industry. Only 5% of jewelry professionals in the country are American Gem Society members, making the Michigan-based jewelry store an expert among experts.

For those looking to get their jewelry insured, Jewelers Mutual provides extensive coverage that goes beyond traditional homeowners insurance. A policy from this insurance broker covers jewelry that is stolen, damaged, or misplaced, even while traveling internationally. Their exhaustive personal jewelry protection also ensures that any jewelry repairs or replacements are held to the same quality standards as the original piece.

Lewis Jewelers offers appraisals and jewelry insurance through Jewelers Mutual for their clients in the greater Detroit area. To learn more about these services, contact the showroom directly by calling (877)-885-3947 or emailing LewisA2@LewisJewelers.com.

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Since 1921, Lewis Jewelers has been the go-to source in the greater Detroit area for designer engagement rings, wedding bands, timepieces, fine fashion jewelry, and certified loose diamonds. Committed to their community, Lewis Jewelers is the proud supporter of University of Michigan athletics, The Kite Network, as well as the University of Michigan Children?s Hospital, and many other local charitable institutions. For more information on events, sales, products, and fine jewelry services available at Lewis Jewelers, please check out their website at LewisJewelers.com, call (877)-885-3947, or visit their diamond showroom located in Ann Arbor, Michigan today.