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Rembrandt Charms
Rembrandt Charms
Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms



Rembrandt Charms at Lewis Jewelers

Characteristics of Rembrandt Charms

The true value of jewelry is in its ability to last. A memory is tied to a piece each time it's worn, preserving them for our loved ones for years to come. Being a family-owned company, Rembrandt Charms understands this perfectly. They've worked for over fifty years in the United States and Canada to create thousands of beautiful, quality charms and bracelets. Their dedication to their craft is so great that all of their merchandise comes with a Lifetime Warranty. These charm bracelets are far more than mere accessories. They're family heirlooms that will be cherished for generations to come.

Popular Rembrandt Charms Collections

The foundation of any charm bracelet is, of course, the bracelet itself. Rembrandt Charms offers multiple designs made from Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Sterling Silver. If necklaces are your preference, purchase one of their elegant charm holders instead. Simply affix your chosen charms to a charm holder and hang it from a lovely chain. On these foundations, a home of memories can be built from exquisite charms. Their charms are crafted using Gold Plate, fourteen Karat White Gold, ten and fourteen Karat Yellow Gold, or Sterling Silver. Furthermore, all of their Sterling Silver is Rhodium Plated to help it remain pristine.

Every charm bracelet should be as unique as the person wearing it, and Rembrandt Charms is committed to ensuring it is. They carry a charm for every occasion. What better way to commemorate a graduation, the birth of a child, or another important milestone than with a piece that will last for years? Every charm by Rembrandt makes excellent gifts as well. A charm conveys not only the enduring nature of your love but that it will follow the recipient throughout their life. Your choice likewise demonstrates how well you understand them. Even when you're parted, love and understanding remain by their side.

Why Shop Lewis Jewelers?

Lewis Jewelers is committed to providing our customers with elegant pieces like these. We've been in business since 1921. Our longevity is a testament to the quality of our service and our commitment to maintaining high standards. We've serviced the communities of Detroit, Jackson, Birmingham and several others in Michigan both through our business and through our support of charities such the University of Michigan Children's Hospital. We'll always prove worthy of our customer's trust. Call us at 734-994-5111 or visit us in Ann Arbor, Michigan today. We'll help you build a diamond memory.