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About Simon G.

Lewis Jewelers is proud to present Simon G., a brand synonymous with stunning design in both bridal and fashion jewelry. Rising as a beacon in the jewelry industry, Simon G. crafts pieces that offer an extraordinary range of artistic creations that incorporate both modern trends and traditional refinement. Whether you are stepping down the aisle or looking to elevate your daily fashion wardrobe, Simon G. brings a portfolio of jewelry known for meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional aesthetics. Explore the grandeur of Simon G., and let every piece narrate a story of elegance at Lewis Jewelers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Popular Simon G. Jewelry Collections

We are thrilled to showcase the iconic collections of Simon G.'s engagement rings and wedding bands, celebrating love in its purest form. Delight in the elaborate designs from the Garden collection, inspired by natural beauty and artistry. The Passion collection, on the other hand, embraces bold designs, ideal for the free-spirited romantic. Also featured in our Michigan showroom is the SG collection, which pays homage to classic elegance, with pieces resonating a rich history and a sense of enduring love. Each Simon G. collection evokes a unique narrative, crafted with thorough attention to detail. 

Discover the standard of sophistication with Simon G.’s fashion jewelry collections at Lewis Jewelers. Lose yourself in the grace of the Modern Enchantment collection, where jewelry exhibits contemporary class with a sprinkle of vintage charm. Furthermore, explore the Delicate collection, renowned for its finely crafted fashion rings that boast of subtle glamor. Simon G. also presents the Mosaic collection, presenting pieces that play with geometry for a stunning visual appeal. Every piece in these collections, meticulously composed, echoes a keen eye for design, promising to add an aura of luxury to your everyday style. 

Discover Simon G. at Lewis Jewelers

Since 1921, Lewis Jewelers has been the premier destination in the greater Detroit area, bringing an exclusive range of Simon G. collections to the Ann Arbor community. As a proud supporter of local organizations including the University of Michigan athletics, the Kite Network, and the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital, we embody a tradition of community and service. We invite you to explore the mesmerizing world of Simon G. To witness this fusion of art and luxury firsthand, schedule an appointment, or utilize our range of services to meet your desires at Lewis Jewelers, where tradition meets excellence.