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Wedding Bands Up to $500



six diamond wedding bands of different sizes held between gloved fingers
About Wedding Bands Under $500

At Lewis Jewelers, we recognize that wedding bands embody far more than mere adornments; they are universal emblems of affection and dedication. Each piece signifies an enduring connection, a loop of fidelity, and a vow of perpetual partnership. We hold the conviction that the profound symbolism and emotional worth of wedding bands ought to be universally attainable, irrespective of financial plan. It is with pride that we showcase our phenomenal assortment of wedding bands priced under $500. Our selection demonstrates that opulence and allure need not be restricted by extravagant price points. These affordable yet sensational bands are meticulously fashioned with grace and refinement, ensuring every pair can discover a ring that mirrors their unique tale of romance and individual taste. At Lewis Jewelers, we honor love in its myriad manifestations and provide these sublime tokens of unity without the need for lavish expenditure.

a pair of hands holding, the woman’s hand donning a three stone engagement ring and wedding band
Popular Designers with Wedding Bands Under $500

Our carefully curated collection of wedding bands under $500 showcases the unique artistry of renowned designers. ArtCarved wedding bands blend traditional elegance with modern flair, featuring complex patterns and transcendent motifs. These rings are an homage to traditional craftsmanship, perfect for those who appreciate vintage-inspired design. Hearts On Fire, on the other hand, offers bands that are distinguished by superior brilliance. Each piece radiates with meticulously set diamonds, offering a luxurious sparkle that signifies enduring love. Jeff Cooper's creations stand out for their sleek, contemporary lines. These designs emphasize simplicity and sophistication, with clean cuts and subtle details that appeal to modern sensibilities.

a white gold wedding band set with sapphires and diamonds
Additional Popular Designers with Wedding Bands Under $500

Our under $500 range also includes Lashbrook's innovative designs, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern materials. Their bands often feature unique textures and are made from contemporary metals, appealing to those who seek a modern twist. Stuller's collection stands out for its classic elegance. These bands are characterized by sleek, polished finishes and sometimes incorporate subtle diamond accents, offering a timeless look that never goes out of style. Triton's selection is known for its durability and bold style. Their wedding bands are crafted with robust metals like tungsten, perfect for those who prefer a more masculine and robust design. Each of these designers brings something special to our affordable yet luxurious collection.

a white gold wedding band featuring pave set diamonds and emeralds in a ring box
Discover Wedding Bands Under $500 at Lewis Jewelers

We warmly invite you to uncover the perfect symbol of your love at Lewis Jewelers, where extraordinary wedding bands await. Our Ann Arbor jewelry store is a treasure trove of stunning and affordable wedding bands from esteemed designers. Our collection caters to diverse tastes and budgets, ensuring that every couple finds a band that truly resonates with their unique love story. At Lewis Jewelers, we believe in a personalized shopping experience. To fully immerse in our exquisite range and receive tailored guidance, we invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our dedicated team members. Your dream wedding band is just an appointment away.