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The Allure of Platinum: 5 Reasons to Opt for This Superb Metal

May 15th, 2024

a platinum diamond wedding band on a white surface

When considering the acquisition of fine jewelry and timepieces, viewing these pieces as an investment in superb craftsmanship and enduring value is essential. Platinum, renowned for its beauty and durability, stands out as the metal of choice for discerning collectors. This noble metal is not only visually striking but also holds unparalleled strength and resistance to wear, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to invest in fine accessories. To clarify why selecting platinum is a wise decision, Lewis Jewelers has compiled a detailed list highlighting the top five reasons to opt for jewelry crafted from this superior material.

1. Durability and Strength

One of the most compelling attributes of platinum is its exceptional robustness, which sets it apart from other precious metals used in jewelry. This durability ensures that platinum pieces are not only resistant to scratches, but also less likely to warp or deform over time. Such resilience makes platinum the preferred choice for engagement rings and other heirloom items that are meant to endure across multiple generations. The long-lasting nature of platinum is a testament to its ability to preserve the legacy and beauty of fine jewelry far into the future.

a platinum necklace featuring two interlocking rings

2. Purity

Platinum also stands out in the fine jewelry world due to its remarkably high level of purity—typically 95% pure. This not only imparts a heavier, more luxurious feel to each piece but also ensures it is hypoallergenic. Ideal for wearers with sensitive skin, platinum avoids the common irritants found in lesser quality metals that are often alloyed with nickel or other materials. The purity of platinum guarantees both comfort and the peace of mind that comes from wearing a metal known for its natural, unadulterated composition.

3. Color Retention

The inherent quality of platinum to maintain its distinctive silvery-white luster without tarnishing is a major advantage for owners of fine jewelry. This enduring color retention means that pieces crafted in platinum do not require the frequent polishing that metals like silver demand. As a result, platinum jewelry remains radiant and elegant through daily wear and over the years, ensuring that each piece looks as immaculate as the day it was purchased. This low maintenance aspect makes platinum an especially attractive option for both busy professionals and those seeking timeless beauty in their adornments.

a platinum diamond tennis bracelet on a white surface

4. Exclusive Appeal

The rarity and complex process required to refine and work platinum into jewelry contributes significantly to its allure and exclusivity. This precious metal is not only less common than gold, but it also demands a higher level of craftsmanship to shape and finish, enhancing its prestige. Opting for platinum not only sets one apart from the crowd, but also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any jewelry collection. This makes platinum pieces highly coveted and greatly cherished, perfect for those looking to make a truly unique and elegant statement.

5. Enhanced Gem Security

The remarkable strength of platinum not only serves as a sturdy shield for the gemstones it holds, but also supports more intricate and delicate design possibilities. This superior metal allows jewelers to craft settings that are both thin and durable, ensuring that precious stones like diamonds remain securely in place for life. Consequently, platinum is the ideal choice for high-end pieces where the focus is on showcasing spectacular gems without compromising their safety. This aspect greatly enhances the value and appeal of jewelry, making each platinum piece a secure investment in luxury.

a platinum engagement ring on a white stand sitting under brown leaves

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