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Fine Jewelry

a woman leaning over and laughing, wearing minimal gold jewelry
About Fine Jewelry

Jewelry of all types is well-beloved, but there's a profound distinction between standard jewelry and fine jewelry. This difference resides in the essence of luxury, durability, and intrinsic value. Fine jewelry epitomizes superior craftsmanship, combining exquisite metals with radiant gemstones to craft timeless masterpieces. Our carefully curated inventory at Lewis Jewelers boasts such fine designer jewelry. We steadfastly uphold a commitment to excellence, and our selections echo our deep-seated passion for artistic brilliance. Choosing fine jewelry from Lewis Jewelers means you're not merely acquiring an accessory, but inheriting a tradition of elegance and distinction.

a woman looking into the camera wearing bold gold earrings and a fine gold necklace
Popular Fine Jewelry Designers

It is our pleasure to offer our clientele fine jewelry pieces from brands like FOPE, a designer hailing from Italy. This brand masterfully intertwines gold with elegance, creating iconic flexible bracelets, a testament to their innovation and comfort. Hearts On Fire, known globally, illuminates perfection through its diamonds. Each stone is expertly cut at 100x magnification for unmatched brilliance. Meanwhile, Uneek stands apart, using a palette of vibrant gemstones set in intricate designs. Lastly, Simon G. transforms everyday moments into lasting memories, crafting pieces with meticulous detailing and high-quality metals, making each piece uniquely exceptional.

A pair of blue gemstone drop earrings with diamond details.
Additional Popular Fine Jewelry Designers

We also house a selection of accessories by Gurhan, who creates magic by breathing life into pure gold, drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations and reinventing techniques that capture the metal's raw beauty. TACORI, deeply rooted in California's elegance, seamlessly marries classic sophistication with modern inspirations, particularly known for its crescent silhouette designs. We’re very proud to offer pieces by Marco Bicego, whose inventory speaks to the allure of Italian artistry, featuring hand-engraved 18k gold and organic beauty. Michael M, meanwhile, crafts rings that spotlight diamonds with pristine settings, ensuring every angle reveals a new facet of splendor.

close up image of an outstretched hand wearing three gemstone rings stacked on one finger
Shop Fine Jewelry at Lewis Jewelers

Discover the epitome of elegance and sophistication at Lewis Jewelers. Our pristine Ann Arbor jewelry store showcases an unparalleled array of exquisite fine jewelry by the world's most renowned designers. Every piece tells a story of artisanship, luxury, and timeless appeal. Whether you're marking a special occasion or indulging in the allure of beauty, Lewis Jewelers is the destination where dreams become tangible treasures. We invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation, allowing our dedicated team members to guide you through an experience as unforgettable as the jewels themselves.