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A woman in embroidered jeans rests her arm on her knee to show off her gemstone bracelet.
Characteristics of Bracelets

Fashion jewelry bracelets are a popular accessory that can elevate any outfit and showcase your unique style and personality. These bracelets come in a range of materials, such as metal, beads, leather, and fabric, and are often adorned with gems, crystals, and other embellishments. Fashion jewelry bracelets are versatile and can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formal events. They can be stacked or worn alone, creating an expressive look. At Lewis Jewelers, we offer a range of fashion jewelry bracelets from some of the world's most renowned designers to cater to all budgets and aesthetics.

A woman walking in a field ruffles her hair while sporting two thin bangles.
Popular Bracelet Designers

Marco Bicego, FOPE, and Michael M. are renowned designers that offer exquisite bracelets that are both elegant and timeless. Marco Bicego's bracelets are crafted using traditional Italian goldsmith techniques and feature high-quality materials, such as 18k gold, precious gemstones, and diamonds. FOPE bracelets are known for their flexible mesh design and feature an interesting blend of modern and classic styles. Michael M.'s bracelets showcase exceptional craftsmanship and are often adorned with diamonds and other precious stones. These designers are committed to creating bracelets that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear, allowing you to enjoy them every day.

A tattooed woman casually sipping coffee wears a silver bangle and rings.
Additional Popular Bracelet Designers

Simon G., Hearts On Fire, and Gurhan are also crowd-pleasing designers that offer exceptional bracelets for every aesthetic preference. Simon G.'s bracelets are crafted with precision and feature stunning diamonds and precious metals that create unique and sophisticated designs. Hearts On Fire's bracelets are known for their exceptional brilliance, thanks to their perfectly cut diamonds, while Gurhan's bracelets showcase master artisanship, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to any outfit. These designers are also committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes, ensuring that their pieces are not only beautiful but also responsibly made.

A woman in a floral romper sports two white gold bracelets in a field.
Discover Bracelets at Lewis Jewelers

At Lewis Jewelers, we offer a wide selection of bracelets from Michigan’s favorite designers. Whether you're looking for a classic bracelet, a modern piece, or something in between, our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you find the perfect piece that reflects your individual style and personality. At Lewis Jewelers, we understand that a bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but a reflection of your personal style and story. Schedule an appointment at our Ann Arbor location, and let us help you find the perfect bracelet that will make a statement and become a cherished part of your jewelry collection.