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Classic Engagement Rings

About Classic Engagement Rings

Classic engagement rings embody timeless elegance and continue to captivate with their enduring appeal. These rings are characterized by their simple, refined designs, often featuring a solitary diamond set in a sleek band of platinum or gold. The beauty of a classic engagement ring lies in its understated sophistication— it doesn't overshadow the wearer, but rather complements their natural beauty. This style remains perennially fashionable due to its ability to transcend trends and generations. Opting for a classic ring ensures that the symbol of your love will remain relevant and cherished for years to come, mirroring the lasting nature of the commitment it represents.

Popular Classic Engagement Rings in Ann Arbor

A classic engagement ring featuring a princess cut or round cut diamond offers a striking balance of tradition and brilliance. These shapes are highly favored for their ability to maximize the center stone’s light reflection, enhancing the diamond's intrinsic sparkle and fire. Princess cut diamonds provide a modern, geometric flair while round cut diamonds are celebrated for their timeless, romantic appeal. To add even more radiance and dimension, these engagement rings can also be designed with halo settings. Alternatively, side stone settings incorporate smaller diamonds along the band, which not only add brilliance, but also create a more intricate and elegant look.

In addition to those options, the solitaire setting focuses all attention on the center stone’s innate beauty, emphasizing its brilliance and clarity. In contrast, three-stone settings feature a trio of diamonds, which are said to represent a couple's past, present, and future. Additionally, oval cut and emerald cut diamonds are also traditional choices that exude a distinct elegance. Oval diamonds provide a unique twist on the classic round cut, offering an elongated shape that can make the finger appear longer and slimmer. Emerald cut diamonds, known for their rectangular facets and clear depth, offer a vintage appeal that draws attention to the diamond's clarity.

Explore Beautiful Classic Engagement Rings at Lewis Jewelers

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