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Emerald Cut Rings



a three stone, emerald cut engagement ring against a black textured background
Characteristics of Emerald Cut Rings

Discover the compelling allure of the emerald diamond cut, adored for its timeless elegance. Among the most cherished choices for engagement rings, the emerald cut carries sophistication and brilliance. Its rectangular shape, with step-cut facets, showcases the diamond's clarity and luster, emphasizing its gorgeous beauty. At Lewis Jewelers, we offer an enchanting selection of emerald cut engagement rings, carefully crafted to perfection. Each piece carries an aura of refined grace, reflecting the depth of your love and commitment. With its understated glamor and unique silhouette, an emerald cut engagement ring from Lewis Jewelers is a symbol of everlasting love and style.

a pair of hands passing a potted plant, one of which is wearing an emerald cut engagement ring
Popular Emerald Cut Rings by Jewelry Designers

Lewis Jewelers proudly presents an enchanting array of emerald cut engagement rings from renowned brands. Explore the desirable designs by TACORI, where the emerald cut diamonds are masterfully set in intricate, handcrafted settings, showcasing the brand's signature elegance. Delve into the world of Simon G., where the emerald cut takes center stage, adorned with brilliant accents, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful rings. ArtCarved offers a unique blend of modern and classic styles, with emerald cut diamonds lending a sophisticated charm. With these esteemed brands, Lewis Jewelers ensures a remarkable collection of emerald cut rings, capturing the essence of love and celebration.

a bride holding her bouquet and wearing an emerald cut halo engagement ring
Additional Popular Designer Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

World-renowned designer, Uneek, presents a magnificent range where the emerald cut takes on a mesmerizing allure, surrounded by intricate diamond halos and delicate detailing. Michael M showcases emerald cut diamonds with a modern twist, combining sleek lines and innovative designs to create irresistible pieces. Claude Thibaudeau embraces the artistry of the emerald cut, crafting rings that reflect complexity and grace, with impeccable attention to detail. At Lewis Jewelers, our selection of emerald cut rings from these distinguished designers is a testament to their creativity and passion for creating universal treasures.

a woman in a pink blouse raising her hand to her chest and wearing an emerald cut engagement ring
Discover Emerald Cut Rings at Lewis Jewelers

Find the perfect emerald cut engagement ring at Lewis Jewelers, your premier destination for exquisite jewelry. Visit our Ann Arbor jewelry store and immerse yourself in a world of dazzling beauty. Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal emerald cut ring that reflects your unique love story. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation and explore our extensive inventory online, where you can browse our lovely collection at your convenience. Trust Lewis Jewelers to guide you towards the emerald cut ring of your dreams, symbolizing a lifetime of love and happiness.