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Pear Shape Rings



a woman’s hand being held by a man’s and donning a pear shaped diamond engagement ring
Characteristics of Pear Shape Rings

Unparalleled in elegance and sophistication, the pear shaped diamond cut stands out as a favorite. This teardrop design masterfully merges the classiness of a round cut and the eye-catching features of the marquise cut, embodying both grace and distinction. Its elongated form casts a slimming illusion on the finger, a detail cherished by many brides-to-be. As the centerpiece of an engagement ring, it exudes an unmatched contemporary allure, beautifully juxtaposing asymmetry with brilliant sparkle. For those seeking this unique aesthetic, Lewis Jewelers showcases an expansive collection of pear shape engagement rings, each crafted to captivate the most discerning of tastes.

black and white photo of a man holding his brides hand, which is adorned with a pear shape engagement ring
Popular Pear Shape Engagement Ring Designers

We’re proud to offer couples a wide selection of pieces by TACORI, whose pear shape rings are the epitome of Californian elegance, with intricate crescent silhouettes that allow light to dance through every facet of the diamond. Simon G., on the other hand, marries modern sophistication with old-world craftsmanship. Their pear shape creations often feature micro-set diamonds, highlighting the center stone's beauty and brilliance. ArtCarved is beloved for their seamless blending of vintage motifs with contemporary aesthetics. Lastly, HL Manufacturing is renowned for its groundbreaking work. Their pear shape rings boast innovative settings and unique band designs, emphasizing individuality and craftsmanship.

a pair of earrings and a pear shape engagement ring in a box lying on a mirror
Additional Popular Pear Shape Ring Designers

Michael M's pear shape rings are masterpieces of European-inspired craftsmanship, characterized by U-set pave diamonds that maximize brilliance. Meanwhile, Jeff Cooper, a purist at heart, presents designs that embody tasteful posh. Their minimalist approach highlights the pear-shaped stone, allowing its beauty to take center stage. In contrast, Claude Thibaudeau's creations are the definition of avant-garde, with intricate detailing and unexpected design elements that make every ring a conversation piece. Uneek lives up to its name with one-of-a-kind designs. Their pear shape rings often fuse vintage charm with modern twists, using intricate milgrain details and innovative silhouettes to celebrate uniqueness.

a couple holding hands, the woman wearing a white gold, halo pear shape engagement ring
Shop Pear Shape Rings at Lewis Jewelers

Discover the enchanting world of pear shape engagement rings at Lewis Jewelers. Our pristine Ann Arbor jewelry store showcases exquisite creations from some of the industry's most revered designers. Beyond our impressive collection, we pride ourselves on offering an array of professional jewelry services to ensure your cherished pieces stand the test of time. Whether you're drawn to classic elegance or modern innovation, our experts are here to guide you. Elevate your shopping experience by requesting an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members. We're dedicated to making your jewelry dreams come true.