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How to Create Your Ring

Create Your Ring

At Lewis Jewelers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to bring your dream ring to life. We allow you to create your own ring, granting you the freedom to choose from a range of beautiful precious metals, including rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. This allows you to craft a ring that perfectly matches your style and preferences. When it comes to the center stone, our selection is as diverse as your imagination. With a range of shapes in stock, explore our loose diamond inventory to discover the ideal centerpiece for your custom creation.

Choose a Ring Style

When selecting a ring style, there are several classic options to consider, each with their own unique aesthetic qualities. A halo ring features a center stone encircled by smaller diamonds, creating a breathtaking halo effect that amplifies its sparkle. Solitaire rings are timeless and elegant, with a single center stone that draws all attention. Side stone rings beautify the band with additional diamonds or gemstones for added impact. For those seeking romantic symbolism, three stone rings represent past, present, and future, signifying enduring love. Diamond shapes also determine the ring’s aesthetic. Whether it's the classic elegance of a round cut, the vintage charm of an emerald cut, or the distinctive allure of a princess cut, we have an array of options to bring your romantic vision into reality.

Select a Ring Designer

The choice of ring designer is pivotal when seeking an engagement or wedding ring that truly resonates with your style and sentiment. TACORI, celebrated for its elaborate detailing and signature crescent silhouette, combines modern grace with traditional classiness, appealing to those who value transcendent beauty. Michael M specializes in contemporary luxury, composing rings with bold designs and premium craftsmanship, capturing the modern aesthetic. ArtCarved carries a rich history of creating personalized and meaningful rings, solidifying them as an ideal choice for couples seeking unique customization. Simon G is renowned for its distinctive, detailed settings, demonstrating a wealth of dazzling options for those who crave audacious and unforgettable designs. Each designer brings its own flair to the world of fine jewelry, guaranteeing you'll find a fantastic expression of your love and style.

Discover Your Perfect Engagement Rings at Lewis Jewelers

At Lewis Jewelers, your journey to finding the ideal engagement ring begins in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a trusted jewelry store, we warmly invite you to dive into our vibrant collection of engagement rings that speaks to a plethora of tastes and preferences. From classic solitaires to ornate halo designs, our thoughtfully curated selection showcases sublime craftsmanship and top notch quality. Should you desire a one of a kind piece, our expert artisans can work with you to create a custom designed engagement ring that manifests your deeply personal love story. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for individual assistance in finding the symbol of your forever love at Lewis Jewelers.